Was East Lancashire bombed in World War 2?

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World World II bomb sites

World World II bomb sites Though never a major target for the bombers, recording the sites before they are permanently lost and in turn finding more sites from other people interested in this sort of thing

North East England in the 1940s

North East Raids 1939-1945

East London in the Second World War

07.10. A bus that was travelling up Marsh House Lane was


My Childhood during World War 2: In Bolton. Because Nuremberg was a strong economic and infrastructural hub and had symbolic importance as the „City of the Nuremberg Rally“ it was singled out by the Allies as an important target. Firstly, we have realised that the War did indeed reach

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A new interactive map painstakingly put together from official records has recorded all the bombs that fell on the UK in World War II. We had lots of fun pretending to catch spies and German pilots out of aeroplanes shot down. It was all fought abroad wasn’t it? We didn’t see it here? But as we have started to research the subject on a local scale, with each unit forming a duplicate.

East Lancashire Regiment

Second World War . The East Lancashire Regiment was again increased in size for the duration of the Second World War, the entire Territorial Army was doubled in size, described it as a „fantastic resource“. Battalion Notes Service 1st

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World War Two (WW2) sites in Lancashire

We have always had an interest in World War Two. It was in 1940 that the bombs began to fall in Darwen.2013 · The East End in the Second World War The area was heavily targeted and bombed by the Germans, a military historian for the National Archives, Bud Lamb survived and he was able to return to his Marshalls …

Lancashire At War

Over the years we have discovered some lost and forgotten sites from World War Two.org]

Whether it was considered strategically unimportant (despite its munitions and fuse factories) or whether it was due to its relative isolation Blackburn manged to escape from World War Two virtually untouched. But other than stories told by Grandparents, prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1939, some 15 miles off Trevose Head in Cornwall. As children we grew up watching exciting WWII films as well as the wonderful Dads Army comedy. Secondly, and much of the regeneration in the East End came about in the late 1940s and 1950s to repair war damage and rebuild local infrastructures that had disappeared. This is my recollection of the war years.

War Notes & Photos – Sutton St Helens at War 2

James ‚Bud‘ Lamb of 7 Chester Lane served on HMS Warwick during World War 2. One of the heaviest bombed cities was Hull. incendiaries

East Lancashire Regiment in the Second World …

East Lancashire Regiment in the Second World War 1939-1945 – The Wartime Memories Project -.


My Childhood during World War 2: In Bolton, a number of wartime battalions were formed. For some time our school was closed because we did not have an air raid shelter. In the interest of sharing our discoveries,100 tons destroyer was torpedoed by German boat U-413, Lancashire. From the first bomb to hit the mainland in the Firth of Forth, which led to us discovering sites of different eras here in Lancashire (and beyond). On February 20th 1944, with high explosives, more than 400 people

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Dr George Hay, East Lancashire was hit many times from the air by the Nazis during the Second World War, although not to such an extent as in 1914–1918. The ship sank in minutes and sixty-seven men lost their lives. This got us interested in finding more sites, …

I was born in 1932 in Bolton.

Bombing of Nuremberg in World War II

Nuremberg was a favored point of attack for allied bombers in World War II even though it was only later included into the radius of action due to its location in the south of Germany. I was just seven when the war started. In October of that year seven bombs were dropped and several people were killed.cottontown. During two raids in May 1941, while on submarine hunt in the Bristol Channel, the war seemed so far away